Ballet Hardware Wallet

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REAL is Ballet’s first product. It is a non-electronic physical cryptocurrency wallet, with multicurrency support, providing 100% offline cold storage. It comes in a variety of finishes, each with a different primary coin, allowing for direct deposits.

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Designed for Everyone

We dislike cumbersome setup and KYC procedures. We believe there should be no boundaries or limitations in accessing and managing your crypto assets. That’s why we designed Ballet – to make it easy to use, and accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Control Your Crypto

Cryptocurrency was meant to be a borderless, decentralized global digital currency. A third party custodian managing your funds was never part of that plan. As a firm, we place importance on the value of true monetary freedom, and possession of the Ballet cryptocurrency wallet gives you complete control over your funds.

Built to Last

We envision ourselves as pioneers. We believe each crypto investor possesses visionary foresight. That’s why we designed Ballet with extra care to last for the foreseeable future. Constructed from durable, pure stainless steel, our Ballet cryptocurrency wallets are not only physically strong, but are also universally compatible with open industry standards, meaning they work with all crypto wallets. Rest assured, you will always retain full access to your crypto funds.

Multicurrency Support



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