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The Cold Wallet, Not Just a Hardware Wallet

This product includes: 1 ELLIPAL Titan and 1 free SD Card.

ELLIPAL Titan is the World’s first fully metal sealed air-gapped cold wallet.

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Ellipal Cold Wallet

The Cold Wallet 2.0 takes a different approach to wallet design. It’s not a mobile wallet, and it’s not a USB device like the Trezor or Ledger Nano X, which are some of the best cryptocurrency wallets available.

This wallet looks like a touchscreen phone from 5-10 years ago. It’s chunky at 4.7 x 2.6 x 0.4 inches and weighs 3.8 ounces. The 4-inch screen and 5-megapixel camera won’t be a match for any modern smartphone, but are more than good enough for a hardware wallet.

Ellipal cold wallet camera

You won’t find any Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or mobile connections, and the Micro-USB port is only used for charging the built-in battery, which is large enough to last 650 hours in standby mode. This wallet supports BTC, ETH, XRP, DGB, DASH, LTC, ETC, USDT, CMT, hundreds of other ERC-20 tokens, and more tokens are being added all the time. You update the wallet through a microSD card slot underneath the rear case.

Ellipal cold wallet

This wallet works through the companion mobile app and by scanning QR codes. There is no risk of getting hacked, or a virus stealing your keys, as this wallet is not connected to the Internet. You can’t connect it to your computer, and after several incorrect passwords, the wallet will erase itself.

If you lose it, damage it, or it wipes itself, you can still recover your coins with your secure mnemonic—but the downside is, you’ll need to purchase a new wallet. Your private keys are internally encrypted, and multi-stage passwords mean that nobody will be guessing their way in.


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